Wedding Planning & Budgeting – What Matters the Most?

What will you remember about your wedding day in the weeks, months, and years that follow? We thought we’d share some feedback we got from a Bride who decided not to book with us because of budget concerns..

” …My one regret from our wedding is not hiring you. There are just so many things from our wedding that I’m already forgetting, and a photograph doesn’t help. I really wish that I could listen to us saying our vows to each other. I remember at the time thinking that it was the most wonderful thing I’d ever heard…and now I’ll never get to hear it again. I also wish I could see the cake cutting, the first dances, and I remember that the toasts were funny, but I don’t remember most of what was said 🙂 Now I wish that we had hired you at least for the ceremony…I think it would’ve been worth the money… ”

She is right. After the wedding day is over you will only have 2 or 3 things that remain from the day (other than your love of course). Those things are 1) your rings, 2) your photos, and 3) if you are fortunate enough to have one, a video. All those other things you are planning are now gone. The cake, the limo, the DJ, the flowers – all gone. Your rings will be there forever representing your continually growing love and admiration. The photos will remind you of many moments, but can only be captured one split second at a time. The video, if created, will let you hear the vows, see the emotions and experience the main events of the day all over again. A combination of photo and video allows you to document your day in a way you can remember it for years to come. When video is left out of the equation all you can do is see a moment in time but you can’t hear it or relive it again. Your rings, photos and video should be viewed as investments instead of a cost of the wedding day. Investments remain over time. Costs are gone immediately.

Wedding Planning & Budgeting – What Matters the Most?

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